Tokyo Steak House

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 Tokyo Steak House

Make plans to dine at TOKYO STEAK HOUSE restaurant located in Austin, Texas. Reviews, menus, maps, pictures. Make restaurant reservations, schedule an event or catering.

201 Sundance Parkway
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 512-388-7896
Fax: 512-388-7228

TOKYO STEAK HOUSE offers a Vegas-style take on the traditional Japanese restaurant. It’s a parade for the senses-chefs performing death-defying knife tosses in front of enthusiastic guests at the teppan-yaki grills. There’s a bar scene, live music on Fridays and Saturdays, a traditional tatami seating area and an exquisite sushi bar; there’s something for every taste. The elegant, minimalist, Eastern decor is accented by the industrial atmosphere, introducing a little warehouse district to south Round Rock.


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Executive Chef Frank S. Shibazaki

Born in Tokyo, Japan on December 2, 1941, Tokyo Steak House’s executive chef, Frank S. Shibazaki, has seen the ebb and flow of many restaurants and different types of cuisine come and go.  After retiring from the Japanese Navy, Mr. Shibazaki started training to be a Japanese chef under the renowned master chef, Mr. Kawashima of Tokyo.  Mr. Kawashima would play a vital role in the rest of his young and vibrant pupil’s developing career.  After completing his training, Frank Shibazaki was sent to the Hotel of New Japan, in Akasaka in 1967 to start his career as a chef.  In 1969, Mr. Shibazaki helped open Zakuro, a very prestigious restaurant in Akasaka, Japan.  Shortly afterwards, Mr. Shibazaki changed his pace to work for a French/Japanese Fusion restaurant called Shido.  After cultivating his career there, a few years later, Sakaiya, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, Japan would call upon his expertise to take role as the executive chef, vital to the opening of this new restaurant.  Mr. Shibazaki, however hungry to perfect the art of Japanese cuisine, traded his position as sensei (instructor), to once again take the role of a student under the elderly and very experienced master chef, Mr. Isobe of Saitama.  Under chef Isobe’s master instruction, Mr. Shibazaki would perfect his talents as a sushi chef and help develop the proud Japanese sushi bar Isozushi in Saitama, Japan.  After his internship with chef Isobe, Mr. Shibazaki would once again shift gears to serve under the world-renowned Benihana headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  In the cold winter of 1972, America would get its first taste of Mr. Shibazaki’s master craft.  Commissioned to oversee the developments at the New York Benihana, the now seasoned chef Shibazaki started his long career of earning the respect of his fellow colleges, and developing a loyal crowd of customers.  Chef Shibazaki would go onto opening several other Benihanas across the United States and would take control over the development of each new addition to the ever-growing chain.  However, after serving as executive chef for some years at the Boston Benihana, Mr. Shibazaki decided it was time for a change.  His next venture was to help open the famous sushi bar, Konatei Japanese Restaurant, on Hawaii’s big island.  After ensuring the continued success of the new restaurant, Mr. Shibazaki decided to revisit his roots, returning to Japan for 6 years to serve at the sushi kappo kaiseki (traditional style) department of the prestigious Japanese Restaurant Asakusa Inamoto, in downtown Tokyo.  During this time, Mr. Shibazaki took several trips to China to opened sushi bars in ANA hotel chain in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, for the Inamoto Company.  It was there he would make acquaintances with the immediate family of Tokyo Steak House’s CEO, Phoenix Pai.  Mr. Shibazaki later returned to serve as executive chef at Benihana San Antonio, and Benihana Austin, however would ultimately take the role as the proud executive chef of Tokyo Steak House, in Round Rock, TX.  Executive chef Shibazaki currently oversees the restaurant’s continued development and is the essence of culture and tradition infused in each dish, which we believe translates to a unique and unforgettable Japanese dining experience here at Tokyo Steak House.  Guests can still find chef Shibazaki cutting at the sushi bar several times a week, serving delighted customers with their favorite Japanese delicacies.



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Round Rock
(512) 388-7896
Round Rock, TX 78741
Phone: 512-388-7896
Fax: 512-388-7228