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<strong>Cabernet Grill</strong>
2805 S. Highway 16
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Phone: 830-990-5734
Cabernet Grill | Fredericksburg, TX

Welcome to the Cabernet Grill- Texas Wine Country Restaurant in Fredericksburg Texas — where you will discover an unparalleled Texas Hill Country dining experience. It is our sincere desire to provide every guest with the finest in upscale Texas Hill Country cuisine. Our food is exquisitely prepared, then thoughtfully served. We limit the number of tables per server so they can spend more time with each guest and offer a higher level of service. All this in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

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<h1><a name=”menu”></a>Menu</h1>
Click on the link for a menu in larger, printable form.

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<h1><a name=”chef”></a>Chef</h1>
Cabernet Grill .<strong> Executive Chef Ross Burtwell </strong>

When you sit down at the Cabernet Grill, you will be headed for a real treat. Executive Chef Ross Burtwell has perfected the art of Hill Country cuisine. From the freshest seafood, to Certified Angus Beef, to wild game and ranch fare he uses only the finest ingredients.

If there is one complaint against Chef Ross it’s that he’s too picky. He carries that criticism like a badge of honor while his vendors scurry to find product that meets his standards. For example, all Cabernet Grill steaks are Certified Angus Beef—the top tier in US beef. Less than 8% of all cattle qualify for this distinction. In addition, we require a 28-day age on our beef to assure maximum tenderness and flavor. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Local sources of food products are used whenever possible. We get quail from Lockhart; preserves from Fischer &amp; Wieser right here in Fredericksburg; wild game from Broken Arrow Ranch; lamb is raised locally by Twin County Dorpers and seasonal produce from local growers is a staple in our kitchen. Even our shrimp is caught by boats licensed in Texas and fishing in the waters of the Gulf Coast.

And it doesn’t stop with the food! Don’t forget that all of the wine served at the Cabernet Grill comes from Texas vineyards—most right here in the Hill Country. We also use spirits distilled in Texas for our Signature cocktails like the popular Titos handmade Vodka, Austin’s Saavy Vodka, Dripping Springs Vodka and Garrison Brothers Bourbon just a stone’s throw from Fredericksburg.

Admittedly, Chef Ross’ motivation for obtaining local sources was not born out of a trendy environmental movement, but because he feels it is the right thing to do. “I see the faces of my neighbors sitting in my dining room. These folks farm the land, raise cattle, make wine and produce jams and jellies that are outstanding. I don’t need to source ingredients from France when you can get great products made right down the road. I believe in taking care of your neighbor, and my neighbors produce food all across Texas.” Says Chef Ross.

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<h1><a name=”map”></a>Map</h1>
<strong>Cabernet Grill</strong>
<strong> 2805 S. Highway 16</strong>
<strong> Fredericksburg, TX 78624</strong>
<strong> Phone: 830-990-5734</strong>

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