San Antonio-Chama Gaucha

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In the vast plains and fertile lands, a region known as Pampas, the gaúchos tend to large herds of cattle as they roam and graze through Southern Brazil. At the end of the day, they gather around the churassco, the fire pit or grill, to eat and share stories. At Chama Gaúcha, we have the same passion and desire to bring this churassco experience to our guests. From the stone works to our charcoal grills, guests will be transported to the homeland of the gaúchos, Rio Grande do Sul. A big salad bar begins our guests’ dining experience. The fresh vegetables and exotic cheeses await our guest. Upon returning to the table, the guest may decide to begin the main appeal of their churrascaria experience. By turning the red disk over to reveal the green side, the gaúchos will immediately arrive and begin to offer succulent cuts of meats. Returning to the red side will pause the continuous service of meats. From lamb, pork, chicken, to beef, each guest will be served to their hearts’ content. We invite our guest to experience “the Taste of Southern Brazil.”

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